About Us

‘Heavenly Its Vegan’ is a fully vegan family run business based in South Wales. It all started when our family became vegans in July 2019, we then realised how annoying it was that we had to read product labels thoroughly or find something we liked, that lacked a vegan label, but on checking, all the ingredients were vegan. 

‘Heavenly Its Vegan’ is committed to finding exciting and new old time favourite treats. Shop at our store with confidence, all our sweets and treats are 100% vegan, without the need to spend time reading the label (we do that job for you). 

We are very passionate about the environment and have done our best to offer the most eco friendly packaging possible from ‘Heavenly Its Vegan’ own products to the curated selection of products we carry.

Thanks so much for shopping with us…..We hope you enjoy your sweets and treats!

Gena & Naynah